CARES Act Funds Reporting

U.S. Digital Response helps states quickly and efficiently report on the funds they directly received under the CARES Act with a free tool that adheres to federal requirements and simplifies the reporting process. The tool has been implemented in two states and can be customized to meet other states’ needs within days.

Quickly enter data from various programs and agencies

USDR’s team provides states with a template that can be sent to various agencies that received CARES funds. The application also provides a mechanism for agency users to upload these files.

The template includes data fields that are consistent with the federal reporting requirements presented by Grant Solutions. The data input, however, can be customized for each state for easy identification of programs, making it simpler for agencies to see what information is needed and how it needs to be shared. The template includes various formulas and formatting to ensure data integrity.

Basic account creation allows each agency to enter the applicable spending data directly into the template and return it to the state for simplified, asynchronous reporting.

Share your data with the federal government in one click

After each agency submits their CARES funds reports via the provided template for the current reporting period, USDR’s tool creates an output file that compiles all the required information and can be uploaded to the Grant Solutions tool.

Rather than spending countless hours tinkering with the federal reporting site, USDR’s tool allows states to collect, review, and finalize the data before submitting it for approval by the end-of-year deadline.

Sign up today to get started

This secure, open source reporting tool is free and can be reused by multiple government agencies. The USDR team is available, on a pro-bono basis, to help states customize the tool, integrate it with existing state financial reporting systems, and either provide on-going support or train state technical staff to support the tool going forward.

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