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There is an overwhelming amount of disaggregated, confusing, constantly changing sources of COVID-19 information, our previous research outlined. As COVID vaccines began to roll out in December 2020, U.S. Digital Response investigated how people across the country are considering, collecting and reacting to vaccine-related information. The outcomes of the research and interviews we’ve conducted highlight how governments can minimize confusion through communications and better help people take action to get vaccinated.

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“I don’t know, and am leary about it. I just don’t trust it, it came out too fast. I feel like we are guinea pigs.”

— Stay-at-Home Mom, New Jersey


Understand mental models

Based on one-on-one interviews, landscape research, usability tests, and remote field observation, we’ve uncovered how people currently think about getting a vaccine in terms of urgency, place in line, where they will likely go to get it and process expectations. We’ve provided recommendations for establishing credibility in communications efforts to help shape or guide thinking around vaccines.

Visualize current actions and roadblocks

To better understand how people navigate information related to how they will get a vaccine, we conducted a usability study using the ABC7’s Vaccine Planner Tool, which is designed to help people learn more about vaccine prioritization. As users navigated through the tool, we asked them to speak aloud with any thoughts or feedback and documented their responses. We’ve included suggestions for reducing barriers to critical information and ensuring information architecture prioritizes information that can help people understand eligibility criteria, timing, and how to move forward with an appointment.

Identify opportunities

Governments have an opportunity to improve vaccine communications efforts and serve as a primary resource of information about when and how people can get their vaccines. We’ve identified 10+ existing tools and recommendations for improving user experience to support communications strategies and efficacy.

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U.S. Digital Response is partnering with governments and nonprofits across the country to address needs related to the COVID-19 crisis, including vaccine preparedness and communications.

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