Small Business Loan Eligibility

Empower small businesses in your region to self-serve and receive loans faster


3-10 minute interactive wizard

An easy-to-use questionnaire to help business owners quickly understand their eligibility for assistance.

Dedicated landing page

A clean, user-friendly landing page, with the option to white label to your branding guidelines.

Aggregated, timely content

Frequently updated content. The questionnaire logic and results may change, and we will keep it up to date for you.


Right now, governments need help pre-qualifying and sorting large numbers of applicants, while loan applicants need a way to quickly understand which programs they qualify for and to take the steps to apply.

We have built an online eligibility questionnaire which makes it fast and easy for small business owners to understand what support programs are available to them, and to quickly take steps to federal, state and other loan programs.


Applicable to any state

Yes. We welcome states to contact us, and can build customize this tool beyond loan eligibility! Please tell your counterparts in other states to reach out to us.


Yes. USDR is non-profit, non-partisan effort to help federal, state, and local governments with technology, data, design, operations, communications, project management, and other needs during the COVID-19 crisis. We provide free assistance to all government entities across the country; if we can help, we will.

Ongoing Support & Training

USDR plans to provide on-going support for these grant tracking tools and can train state technical staff to support these tools going forward. All USDR created software is open source, free to use and copy, and can be hosted in your cloud instance at any time.


We can have this questionnaire live in new regions within 48 hours.


Our Business Relief wizard is available now at for use in:

  • Newsletters
  • On your website
  • In other resources for businesses in your region


If you need a customized solution, we can quickly build that for you. Please reach out to us.

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