Website Health Check

USDR’s team of volunteers can help you evaluate the security, performance, and usability of your election site to ensure that it is ready to support voters throughout the election season. We’ll confirm that your site is in good shape or identify any remaining opportunities for improvement. We’ll work with you quickly (think days, not weeks) to help you fine-tune, prioritize, and troubleshoot so you can look forward to the election with confidence.

Verify you’re ready to go

USDR’s technical team will run best practice checks to assess the security and performance of your election website, so it’s ready to meet any surge in demand. We’ll provide findings in a format that’s actionable and easy to understand — and our engineers can partner with you to resolve urgent issues quickly.


  • Admin access uses multi factor authentication.
  • All web pages use HTTPS.
  • DNS and Web servers are resilient to DDoS attacks.


  • Everything works with just the keyboard.
  • Top task content is presented in text-based form. If not, the special format uses accessible features.
  • The site responds to browser-based website translators.


  • Page load time under 2000ms.
  • Web server activity instrumentation in place.
  • Website can hold up to high levels of use.

Every voter can find what they need: before, during, and after Election Day

Your health check will also highlight high-impact ways you can make election information and online voter services easier to use. USDR’s design team will evaluate the usability of core content and task-based voter scenarios to help ensure your site is accessible to the entire public, and reduce the volume of questions hitting your office.

Trusted source

  • Content is up-to-date.
  • Website has clear indications that it is authoritative and from a government source.


  • Content related to top voter tasks is covered, easy to find, and easy to understand.


  • Website works on mobile devices.

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