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Recaps of how we’ve helped people in specific instances.
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Success Story

Unemployment Insurance Claimant User Research in Pennsylvania

Success Story

Emergency Rental Assistance Program ​

To keep thousands of people in their homes during a time of crisis, the Memphis Shelby County Emergency Rental Assistance (MSCERA) coalition needed to quickly scale their Emergency Rent and Utility Assistance Program. USDR volunteers built a a single “front door” for all applications to help streamline the process and support the applicants needed help the most.
Success Story

Using Data to Reduce Incarceration During COVID-19

A team of pro bono technologists from U.S. Digital Response partnered with nonprofit technology company Recidiviz to help turn raw data into a model and web app that helps state and local decision-makers predict and limit the effects of COVID-19 on incarcerated populations, prison staff, and surrounding communities.
Success Story

Helping Claimants Understand What Happens at “Benefit Year End”

USDR partnered with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor to create a simple tool - within one week - that made it easy for people to continue receiving unemployment benefits.
Success Story

Improving Vaccine Info Webpages with Updated Content and Design

USDR partnered with Pueblo County, Colo., to update the county's COVID-19 website to be informative and accessible, with a particular focus on sharing how to get a vaccine, identifying who is eligible and when, providing a simplified and helpful user experience, and delivering appropriate health literacy communication.
Success Story

Clarifying Benefits Eligibility for New Jersey Residents

U.S. Digital Response partnered with the State of New Jersey to create a custom benefits screener tool that asks a few simple questions and then suggests, in priority order, which benefits programs a New Jersey worker can apply for based on eligibility.
Success Story

Automating Harris County’s Student Election Clerk Program

USDR partnered with Harris County to develop an automated application system for the Harris County Student Election Clerk Program ahead of the 2020 elections.
Success Story

Streamlining Data to Enable Volunteer Services

U.S. Digital Response partnered with California for All to help streamline its data collection processes, more easily scale its services, and identify volunteers’ impact across the state.
Success Story

Incorporating human-centered design to improve online financial services

USDR and the Empire Justice Center applied user-centered design practices to update the program's website and better enable the delivery of financial services to low-income families throughout the pandemic.
Success Story

Expanding COVID-19 Testing Capacity

USDR partnered with the City of Seattle to stand up two free COVID-19 testing sites within three weeks. Within six months, nearly 500,000 people were tested at the sites.
Success Story

Supporting Unemployment Insurance Systems

When the state of Kansas requested support for their UI system, four volunteers worked with the Department of Labor and the Office of Information Technology Services to get the benefits application site up and running again.
Success Story

Helping the Homebound Get Meals

The City of Concord, Calif., requested assistance with creating an online tool to organize an emergency food program for older homebound adults experiencing food insecurity.
Success Story

Going Virtual Celebrating the Arts

To continue the tradition of its 34-year-old annual arts festival, the City of Emeryville, Calif., partnered with U.S. Digital Response to co-create an omnichannel strategy to run a virtual EmeryArts2020
Success Story

Modernizing the Neighborhood Court

A restorative justice program in Yolo County, Calif., partnered with USDR to streamline processes for resolving offenses outside of the courtroom.
Success Story

Automations help Memphis nonprofit mitigate hundreds of evictions

To streamline the hundreds of applications for legal aid that were overwhelming NPI Memphis legal clerks, USDR volunteers built an automated intake process that could screen applicants, collect required files and signatures, and generate case files.
Success Story

Matching Hospital Staffing Shortages with Qualified Workers

Within two weeks, over 120 nursing homes and hospitals signed up for Louisiana Health Work Connect to post hundreds of openings for jobs critical to the COVID-19 fight. In that same time, over 250 candidates signed up looking for work, many of whom are ICU RNs, LPNs, and CNAs.