Broadband and Digital Equity

We help state, local, and tribal governments increase access to high-speed internet, enabling more communities to thrive in today's digital world.

Our approach

U.S. Digital Response (USDR) helps jurisdictions ensure equitable access to high-speed internet to meet the critical needs of their communities. We build capacity by pairing government teams with experienced technologists, expanding connectivity where it’s needed most.

USDR can help you with a wide variety of broadband needs, such as increasing access to internet benefits, supporting decision-making, and collecting and visualizing broadband data.

USDR's broadband and digital equity focus areas are designed to: 

  • Increase utilization of the Affordable Connectivity Program.
  • Collaborate on maps for broadband decision-making.
  • Support the FCC challenge process.

“As Alaska works to close the digital divide, we must understand the broadband landscape. Pricing transparency is essential for federal funders to understand households’ barriers to affordable internet. We’re thankful for the expertise and assistance from U.S. Digital Response to develop this elegant yet simple project that highlights the simple fact that internet is expensive in Alaska, and essential infrastructure investments are necessary. USDR staff and volunteers brought expertise, insight, and dedication to understanding our unique circumstances and took the initial step to ensure all Alaskans have access to high-quality internet.

Erik O'Brien
Community and Economic Development Program Manager
Denali Commission

We can help

Provide data-rich broadband mapping

Increase the success of individual benefit applications

Reach residents who have been historically underserved

Tap into tech talent

Run user research and usability to inform design decisions

Improve outreach materials with content strategy

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Meet the team

Krista Canellakis
Krista leads USDR’s Digital Delivery Program. Previously, she served as Deputy Secretary, General Services for the State of California and Chief Innovation Officer for the City and County of San Francisco.
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“We are honored to see so many dedicated technologists step up to work on behalf of New York City. With technology products that work to combat hate crimes, lower language barriers, and drive digital equity, the work [...] will have a lasting impact on improving New Yorkers’ lives.”

Bill de Blasio
New York City

“USDR has provided smart, informed, and fast help for a variety of issues. They are an invaluable resource to governments at a critical time.”

Robert Gordon
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

“Volunteers from USDR have not only helped bring incredible expertise and extra hands to us in a great time of need, they’ve provided critical-thinking skills at a time when our team is working long hours and experiencing burnout.”

Rebecca Woodbury
Director of Digital Service & Open Government
City of San Rafael

“USDR has been an invaluable source of talent, helping our office move at the ‘speed of need’... I would recommend any agency consider partnering with them to add team capacity and leverage unique skill sets in these trying times.”

Ross Dakin
New Jersey Office of Innovation