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About our approach

The CARES, ARPA, and IIJA legislation responding to the COVID-19 pandemic significantly increased federal funding available for many public programs. However, the scale of the funding also brought processing challenges for the cities and states administering these programs.

USDR has created a portfolio of tools to help government administrators efficiently report on Federal grants, saving time and money, and helping to assure that benefits flowed easily to those organizations and individuals most in need.

Grant Search and Reporting Products

ARPA Performance Reporter

The ARPA Performance Reporting tool is designed to help you collect performance data, answer qualitative questions, and report basic project demographics required as part of the Annual Performance Report for SLFRF.

Learn more about ARPA Performance Reporting »
ARPA Project and Expenditure Reporter

This tool can help you quickly and efficiently report on the funds your state received under the ARPA State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund, all while adhering to federal requirements.

Learn more about the ARPA Project and Expenditure Reporter »
CARES Act Fund Reporter

This tool is designed to allow government entities to quickly and efficiently report on the CRF funds received under the CARES Act. Interactive spreadsheets adhere to federal requirements and simplifies the reporting process, saving budget officers time.

Learn more about the CARES Act Fund Reporter »
Grant Identification Tool

Easily identify federal grant opportunities and coordinate application processes internally and with other partners, such as local governments or non-profits, so you can efficiently access funds for your community.

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UEI Info Finder

Look up a list of DUNS or UEI numbers in seconds.

Learn more about the UEI Info Finder »

“The work the USDR team did for grants tracking and funding opportunity tracking easily saved the state thousands of hours. I think for me the most impressive aspect of the USDR engagement was the full-spectrum analysis approach… It wasn’t just looked at from the technical or compliance perspective but also UX design, ease of use, and maintenance.”

Steve Thompson
Project Manager
Rhode Island Office of Grants Management

“The Grants Reporter has been a huge help to the State of Ohio in compiling reporting for the U.S. Treasury on the use of Coronavirus Relief Funds. Ohio has over 45 different projects that have been administered by 20 different state agencies. The Grants Reporter allowed state agencies to upload their reporting to the tool independently and was seamless in creating the master report.

Stacie L. Massey
Senior Financial Manager
Ohio Office of Budget and Management

Meet the team

Claire Valdivia
Claire is a program manager working to scale products and operations for USDR’s federal grants portfolio. They bring experience as a people-focused technical project manager, most recently focused on building operations in the philanthropy space.
Mindy Huang
Mindy leads product management for our Federal Funding Tools under the Economic Stability Program. Previously, she worked at Google as a product manager, engineer, and internal founder. Her mission is to leverage technology for the good of humanity.
Pari Sabety
Pari ensures that our federal grants reporting is aligned with our partners’ needs. Pari has more than 25 years of experience as a CFO in government and higher education, and served as a cabinet member and senior executive staff to two governors.
Tyler Hendrickson
Tyler is the technical lead for the Economic Stability Program. He is a technology leader and architect with experience at early-stage startups and large enterprises, and was most recently a software executive in the healthcare industry.
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