Polling Place Wait Time Tracker

U.S. Digital Response (USDR) is providing support to state and local elections offices to streamline the communication and management of wait times at voting locations. We can work directly with your office to quickly customize this solution based on your local needs and current operational flow, at no or minimal cost.

Inform Voters of polling place locations and wait times

Help Voters find the best place for them to vote

Do your voters need to know where to vote with little to no waiting? Need to route your voters to less used voting sites? 

We’ll help you set up a simple online tool where you can add your voting locations, driving directions and a photo of the site. Then you or your designated poll worker can submit a short form on their phone to update the wait time at their location. A display of locations and the wait times  will be published on your website within minutes.

Set up a simple Wait Time Tool within hours

We'll work directly with you to set up a Wait Time Tool that fits your needs. We've worked with counties to create:

1. Simple, user-friendly online wait time submission forms

2. Automated website updates

3. Easy-to-manage databases of locations, address information, driving directions and site photos

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