USDR’s data, code, research, documentation, and projects are open and accessible by default. Our efforts are meant to be replicated, reused, adapted, and otherwise available for collaboration. The following resources are intended to help share and scale solutions across governments, organizations and communities of all sizes and affiliations.

Guides, Toolkits and Playbooks

The purpose of this implementation guide is to highlight technology–but also cultural, political, and legal–considerations and recommendations that will set your organization’s appointment finder for success. USDR is broadly publishing our cumulative resources and pro-bono services to support your ultimate goal: getting shots into your residents’ arms.

Last updated May 5, 2021

Understand the complicated landscape of identity proofing in unemployment insurance agencies, learn how to prioritize equity in these processes, and access comparisons and evaluations for ID proofing vendors.

Last updated March 5, 2021

Learn how to keep your community informed with clear, direct information and instructions via a public-facing website where you can publish and maintain information, guidance, resources, and news about COVID-19.

Last updated March 4, 2021

USDR's Social Media Playbook will help you audit, strategize, and distribute trusted COVID-19 content across social media channels.

Last updated March 4, 2021

USDR's Vaccine Provider Guide provides distilled learnings and tangible action steps to help governments distribute COVID-19 vaccines, ultimately saving time and helping make better decisions in the vaccination planning process.

Last updated March 4, 2021

Description of the resource, including audience, use case, etc., goes here.

Last updated May 5, 2021

Videos and Demos

Templates and Graphics

USDR created a vaccine website template, designed for communication and development teams to launch their own vaccine website or webpages in hours.
Our elections website template has been built in partnership with the Center for Tech and Civic Life, based on research from the Center for Civic Design. In just a few hours, you’ll set up a modern, user-friendly site that works on desktops and mobile phones. Your new website comes pre-built with a navigational home-page and over 20 pages of content, featuring the most important election resources voters care about.

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