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Alpine Township Modernizes Election Worker Management with USDR's Platform


Alpine Township, Michigan, faced a critical election management challenge as the 2024 election approached. Years of manual processes left Michelle Jespersen, who assists with election oversight, struggling with fragmented data. Her task: efficiently manage 68 poll workers across six precincts for 10,500 voters, with time running short.

In late 2023, Michelle discovered and then implemented U.S. Digital Response's (USDR) Election Administration Platform. The system centralized data, streamlined scheduling, and improved communication with election workers. Despite the looming election, Alpine Township smoothly integrated the platform. It significantly reduced manual work, enhanced coordination, and provided better visibility into election worker training completion.

This case study explores how Alpine Township's adoption of modern election tools transformed operations, benefiting officials and voters.

Challenges of Fragmented Data

Before adopting USDR's platform, Alpine Township struggled with decentralized election worker data. Bits of information were scattered across various spreadsheets and systems, making even simple updates a chore. "If an email changed, I had to change it on all three sheets. It was a lot of back and forth, always having to mess with stuff,” Michelle said. This constant data shuffle wasted valuable time and introduced the risk of errors.

Scheduling was another central pain point. Assigning poll workers to roles involved a complex matrix of availability, preferences, training, and party affiliation. Michelle described it as "the worst puzzle ever," spending hours juggling schedules to ensure adequate coverage while accommodating worker requests. 

As elections approached, tracking poll worker readiness was also a challenge. Confirming who had completed training, who still planned to show up, and whether critical communications had been received was an uphill battle with the disconnected systems. 

Our approach

Discovering a Purpose-Built Solution: USDR's Election Administration Platform

When Michelle first heard about USDR's election platform at a Kent County Clerks Association monthly meeting, it felt like the stars had aligned. The easy-to-use system offered precisely what Alpine Township needed:

  • Centralized database for all election worker information
  • Streamlined scheduling and assignment tools
  • Integrated communications to keep election workers in the loop
  • Customization options to match their unique processes
  • Dedicated technical support from USDR's experienced team

"It sounded like a godsend," Michelle recalled. "I could finally have all our people and information in one place and easily update everything." Confident in USDR's expertise and commitment to election integrity, Michelle and her team decided to proceed with the platform.

A Swift and Successful Implementation 

With an election fast approaching, USDR worked hand-in-hand with Alpine Township to get the Election Worker Management System, one component of the overall platform, up and running in just a few weeks. The USDR team helped import data, set up email templates, and configure scheduling views to align with the township's needs.

Despite the tight timeline, the rollout was smooth. "Truman [from USDR] has been instrumental in helping get it set up," said Michelle. "It was easy to communicate what I needed, and they made it happen."

Immediate Impact: Hours Saved and Improved Coordination

The efficiency gains from USDR's platform were evident from day one. Having all worker information centralized with email capabilities eliminated hours of tedious data entry and manual outreach. The learning curve to use the platform was minimal for anyone familiar with Excel or spreadsheets. "What used to take a week, I can now do in an afternoon. It's been incredible to have everything in one place and automate many of our processes," Michelle said.

Those time savings have been a game-changer for Alpine Township's small election team, allowing them to redirect their energy to priorities like poll worker training, voter education, and process improvement. The system has also dramatically improved the visibility of election workers. With just a few clicks, Michelle can quickly check the status of worker training, shift assignments, and communications. Real-time insights help the team proactively address gaps and ensure poll workers are prepared for election day. Beyond the platform itself, Michelle has been impressed by USDR's proactive, partnership-oriented approach. "USDR opened our eyes to new possibilities," Michelle said. 

Next Steps for Election Offices 

Is your election team still grappling with disconnected spreadsheets and time-consuming manual processes for poll worker management? Take a page from Alpine Township's book and explore how modern election tools could help you:

  • Centralize poll worker data for easy access and updates
  • Automate scheduling and streamline poll worker assignments
  • Improve visibility into worker readiness and training progress
  • Free up time to focus on critical election priorities

With the right partner, you can deliver a better experience for voters, poll workers, and your hardworking election staff. Contact us today to learn more. 

"It sounded like a godsend. I could finally have all our people and information in one place and easily update everything."

Michelle Jespersen
Deputy Clerk
Alpine Township



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