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Streamline Your Operations with the Election Admin Platform

Screenshot of the USDR election worker management software. The interface provides an easy way to schedule workers for early voting.

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A single place to manage critical election logistics

Adapt the platform to suit your jurisdiction's specific needs using our easy–to–use software.


Election Worker Management: Recruit, schedule, communicate with, and generate payroll reporting for election workers.

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Campaign Finance Tracker: Track candidates, committees, and filings. Send reminders and notices automatically.

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Online Help Desk: Resolve issues quickly and reduce call center volumes.

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Voting Wait Time Tracker: Inform voters of wait times to save them time. Deploy within a day.

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Gain Access to the Platform through the Election Software Collaborative

U.S. Digital Response launched the Elections Software Collaborative for election offices to procure and co-develop software that better meets their needs.

Software collaboratives enable governments to co-create high-quality software at a good value. They underpin functions at various levels of government today, such as transportation, motor vehicle agencies, and more.

Election Heroes

Annual fees start at $2,500 and scale for larger jurisdictions.


Configurable platform to meet your needs


Your input determines what we develop


Competitive pricing  because of cost-sharing


Community of practice to solve problems with other election administrators


Recognition - two partners have been recognized by the EAC Clearinghouse Awards

“Wow! Flexibility at its best. That’s the advantage of working with a Collaborative such as USDR, where they draw from experts from all over the country to bring each customer a personalized product and experience. I’m extremely pleased that I joined the USDR collaborative.”

Allen P. Tempert, Mohave County, AZ

Elections Director

Allen P. Tempert

Case Studies

How Orange County, NC Used New Technology to Modernize Election Administration

Orange County partnered with USDR to replace outdated election systems with user-friendly tools, streamlining logistics and improving communications across 40 voting precincts serving 110,000 voters.

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Orange County, North Carolina Board of Elections

Mercer County Streamlines Logistics with USDR's Election Administration Platform

Mercer County, PA, replaced outdated systems with USDR's user-friendly Election Administration Platform, helping to streamline logistics and improve communication.

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Mercer County Voter Registration and Election Bureau

Automating Harris County’s student election clerk program

Harris County, Texas, the third-largest county in the United States, has more than 4.7 million voters. County employees were working hard during the summer of 2020 to prepare for the November election

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Office of Harris County Elections