January 12, 2023

A Year in Review: How Communities Responded at the Speed of Need in 2022

Our third annual In Review highlights the ways our partners grew their abilities to serve their communities and how our volunteers continue to deploy solutions at scale.

A Year in Review: How Communities Responded at the Speed of Need in 2022

Nearly three years ago, U.S. Digital Response was a fully volunteer-run organization. Created in a time of incredible need, with thousands of people responding to an urgent call for help, our partners recognized the unique moment to usher in support. Together, this community began to plant seeds that would help transform how our governments respond to crises - for the better.

Little did we know we’d be sending out this dispatch at the start of 2023, with a staff of nearly 30 full-time employees, a volunteer community of nearly 8,000 handraisers, and over 250 government and other organizational partners. Because of all of you, USDR’s projects have impacted millions of people in 37 U.S. states and territories on nearly 400 projects.

This is our third In Review report, our annual look back at how our community came together and responded at the speed of need. From helping state workforce agencies save time and money by reassessing what “able and available” meant during the pandemic for unemployment insurance claimants, to amplifying the voices of those applying for child care benefits through user research, to building a voting wait time tool within 48 hours of a partner request - we know the impact of our engagements extends far beyond the moment of initial delivery, and our work with partners takes root in communities for years to come.

If you’re a part of the USDR community, then you know that our favorite way to celebrate wins is a giant “stretch clap.” As we take a look back at all the accomplishments our community achieved in 2022, we think that deserves one of the biggest stretch claps of all.

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