ARPA Project and Expenditure Reporting

Simplify the reporting process and reduce errors with USDR’s ARPA Project and Expenditure Reporting tool.

How it works

Spend less time creating, editing, and merging spreadsheets 

  • Download a free, secure workbook that is already pre-populated with US Department of Treasury (USDT) requirements for projects and expenditures by expenditure category
  • Automatically merge project and expenditure reports across dozens of agencies
  • Guide subrecipients to only enter data that is relevant to their expenditure category

Reduce errors and omissions in the reporting process 

  • Identify errors in your workbook with a data validation process built in collaboration with the US Treasury
  • Notify subrecipients of errors and omissions during their data entry and upload process

Start reporting on your grants quickly

  • Minimize the need for onboarding and training additional support staff to report on grants
  • Free up the time of program managers to better serve their stakeholders
  • Avoid lengthy procurement processes to acquire paid tools

Learn best practices on grant reporting from your peers across the country

  • Participate in group discussions with fellow finance officers and grant specialists 
  • Collaborate with the USDR community to develop new tools that streamline all types of grant reporting

Use a workbook that has already been used by 8 states and 11 cities to report on $14 billion in ARPA spending comply with US Treasury requirements.

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