ARPA Project and Expenditure Reporting

U.S. Digital Response (USDR) can help you quickly and efficiently report on the funds your state received under the ARPA State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund. This tool adheres to federal requirements and simplifies the reporting process, saving budget officers time. Make it easy to collect, review, and finalize your data before submitting it for approval. 

We can tailor the tool to meet your needs within days.

How it works

Contact USDR for a blank template that you can fill in and submit to the central recipient reporting to the U.S. Treasury. Prior to submission, templates are validated and tested to ensure they will comply with U.S. Treasury upload standards. A CSV file is generated for bulk upload to the U.S. Treasury reporting portal.  

The template dynamically creates all the correct data elements required for each expenditure category defined by the federal guidance, and uses intelligence built into the sheet to intuitively guide users to complete all the fields required for proper reporting. Validation is completed within the tool prior to submission to the central reporting function to ensure error correction by sub-recipients, and simplified, asynchronous assembly of the final upload tool by the central reporting entity.

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