Grant Identification Tool

Easily identify federal grant opportunities and coordinate application processes internally so you can efficiently access funds for your community.

Efficiently identify federal grant opportunities

Automate the discovery and identification of federal grant opportunities

U.S. Digital Response’s (USDR) tool enables a state to set up preset search keywords and eligibility codes to automatically surface grant opportunities from each day, reducing the need for daily, manual searches.

Using a custom API, the tool compiles grant opportunities from and shows filtered results based on a user’s keywords and codes. This ensures that every time a state employee uses the tool, they will only see grants that meet their specific search criteria.

Based on work across multiple states, USDR provides a set of recommended keywords that are commonly used to help aggregate applicable grant opportunities. USDR’s team also sets up administrative users to add their own keywords and eligibility codes based on their agencies’ needs.

Coordinate grant applications across state agencies

Once a grant has been identified, you have the option to select whether or not you’re interested in submitting an application. You can mark that you’d like to apply, that you’d like to support someone else’s application, or that you are not interested in a particular grant. The tool also allows you to see which other users have reviewed a grant opportunity, whether or not they’ve marked their level of interest.

This selection can be viewed across all state agencies, allowing users to see which other employees they should coordinate or collaborate with to prepare a grant application.

Staff and admin access increases visibility of agency activity throughout the state

Every state agency’s administrators and staff will have access to the tool, allowing staff to read and review the grant opportunities and administrators to add new users and set eligibility codes. Allowing multiple users to access the tool and grant information ensures that staff and administrators across state agencies share a common starting point for beginning a grant application process.

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