Improving Vaccine Info Webpages with Updated Content and Design

Pueblo County, CO


With COVID-related information changing rapidly, residents in Pueblo County, Colo., had challenges accessing the most up-to-date information, including vaccination sign-ups, testing materials, and other related resources. Pueblo County’s website did not provide translated, culturally and linguistically responsive webpages to distribute accurate and accessible vaccination information for its bilingual community. Additionally, Pueblo County’s website was not highly publicized, and residents primarily received COVID-related information from their healthcare providers. The County along with the State were overwhelmed by an influx of COVID-related calls with community members asking questions that are answered on the county website.


Pueblo County needed a way to quickly communicate ever-changing COVID-19 information to its community while also freeing up time for its staff to address other local concerns. To improve its external communications, the County wanted to update its website to be informative and accessible, with a particular focus on sharing how to get a vaccine, identifying who is eligible and when, providing a simplified and helpful user experience, and delivering appropriate health literacy communication.


“During a time of overwhelming communication flow for a crisis response, U.S. Digital Response responded quickly providing a team of highly skilled and professional assistance to focus, simplify and streamline messaging on our website. They were quick to respond to questions and provided help though every step of the process, including implementation. Our website improved drastically for the community using it."

— Sarah Joseph, Public Information Officer, Pueblo Department of Public Health & Environment

The USDR Team

Pilar Strutin-Belinoff

Project Lead

Andrew Hsieh

Content Strategist

Micah Mutrux

Software Engineer

Edward Alton

UX/UI Designer

The Work

The USDR team partnered with Pueblo County to perform and deliver a user experience and content audit on Pueblo County’s COVID-19 pages. The evaluation drew on two main criteria:

  1. Improve a community member’s experience to be more usable and easy-to-learn with minimal time and effort

  2. Provide clear and straightforward content to help users understand their options and make informed decisions

The audit provided tactical design and communication recommendations that touched on navigation, content organization, plain language, visual design, and taxonomy. USDR worked with Pueblo County to get their feedback and input to clarify the scope, requirements, and desired deliverables for the project. As a result, the team designed new webpages in iterations and developed responsive webpages and subsequent mobile experiences on the County’s website.


Technology Used

  • Figma
  • Drupal

Practices Used

  • Product management
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Web and mobile development
  • Content design
  • Information architecture

The Impact

The new webpages launched in April 2021 and are expected to reach more than 168,000 people. An improved user experience and digital journey for COVID-19 vaccines in the County reduces the number of clicks from the home page to the vaccination page from five to one. Furthermore, the webpages anticipate a reduced number of callers asking where and when to get a vaccine, and improved people’s satisfaction and attitudes towards signing up for a vaccination appointment.


"Working 'boots on the ground' to help build community support in response to the devastating COVID crisis has been so gratifying. Knowing that you are helping to design systems and pathways to support people getting the help they need is deeply meaningful AND impactful. I have thoroughly enjoyed dedicating time and space to do this work with USDR and their partners."

— Pilar Strutin-Belinoff, USDR Project Lead

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