U.S. Digital Response (USDR) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps governments and organizations respond quickly and efficiently to support the critical needs of the public.

Leveraging a network of pro-bono technical expertise and modern, resilient technology, USDR addresses and uncovers solutions for common, systemic challenges that public servants are facing, leaving them better equipped to deliver services and support to millions of people nationwide.

We operate with humility and deep respect for our partners and believe that modern and resilient technology applied in the public interest can deliver people-centered services at the speed of need.

As of May 2021, USDR has partnered with more than 230 government and nonprofit partners on 300+ projects, impacting more than 42 million people across 36 states and territories, and we’ve built a dedicated community of nearly 7,000 pro bono specialists driven to serve in a time of need.

What We Do

U.S. Digital Response helps governments and nonprofits deliver responsive, people-centered services with modern and resilient technology.

We work with our partners to identify gaps and challenges, understand the needs of communities and constituents, and find, build or develop solutions needed to deliver critical services to the people who need them.

With the support of our core staff, USDR’s work is powered by experienced technologists drawn from leaders in the technology industry. These teams volunteer their time and talent because they want to make a difference.

Each team member is carefully vetted and matched to the appropriate project. Our technologists work fast, they work for free, and they deliver results that help our communities work better, safer and faster for us all.

We work at the speed of need. Most of our projects are up and running, if not completed, in a matter of weeks, if not days.

Our Values

We work in the public interest.

USDR’s volunteers and core staff are skilled workers and experts who give their time to help governments and organizations respond to the critical needs of the public. While with USDR, we do not use our efforts to further personal and professional interests.

Public interest projects belong in the public domain, so we abide by a set of Data and Software Guidelines that promote openness and accessibility.

We work with humility and respect.

Governments and the people they employ operate under constraints that are not always visible to those outside of the public sector. Public servants are often under enormous strain—in order to be effective, we must check our egos and our judgment, without losing our critical thinking.

We observe a code of conduct.

We require all staff and pro bono team members to read and sign this Volunteer Oath before joining. We will ask people to step away from projects if they are no longer a good fit for the work or have not acted in a way that is aligned with our mission and values.

U.S. Digital Response Team Leads - Stretch Clap


CTO and Co-Founder
Alex oversees the development of technological tools, automation, and infrastructure at USDR. Alex most recently served as a Director of Engineering at Dropbox.
Marketing and Communications Manager
Amanda helps lead marketing and communications. Amanda recently was at the University of Nebraska at Omaha where she developed communication and marketing strategy as the communications specialist for the College of Information Science and Technology.
Legal and Development Lead
Aylin oversees legal and development at USDR. Former legal counsel at Stripe, she most recently started and led Stripe’s Social Impact and Community Engagement program.
Engineering Lead
Christina serves as our Engineering Lead, contributing to USDR’s internal product portfolio and building scalable, reusable tools for USDR’s initiatives. Christina was previously an Engineering Manager at Oracle, along with being an early stage engineering leader at start-ups in the Boston area including Endeca, Parlai and Fuze.
Rapid Response Program Lead and Co-Founder
Emily oversees our Rapid Response portfolio of projects and previously acted as our Operations and Tools Team Lead. Emily was mostly recently at Apple, where she worked as an Engineering Program Manager for next generation display hardware and, previously, a supply chain manager for display components.
CEO and Co-Founder
Jessica is the CEO of USDR and previously oversaw partnerships, marketing, and communications. Jessica was recently a fellow at the Aspen Institute’s Tech Policy Hub and formerly served as Head of Innovation and Economic Development for the City of Walnut Creek and as a Code for America Fellow.
Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder
Jessica leads the people power of USDR from volunteer staffing and support to HR and also supports our Economic Stability Program. Jessica is a product design leader who was most recently a Director of Product Design at Facebook.
Economic Stability Program Lead
Jessie oversees the portfolio of USDR projects supporting economic stability, including Unemployment Insurance and rent relief. Jessie was most recently a Program Manager at Nava PBC, where she led the team implementing a new social benefit for a state.
Volunteers Team Lead
Kristen oversees & fosters the volunteer experience at USDR. Kristen is a product & operations leader that most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer for Setmore.
Designer and Co-Founder
Raph is a product designer at USDR. Previously, he managed partner projects and started the Health Program. Raph has led product engineering, data science, infrastructure, IT, and security teams as VP of Engineering at Lob and Engineering Manager at Airbnb.
Governments Team Lead
Rebecca currently leads the Governments Team. She was most recently the Director of Performance and Process Improvement at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, and previously served in several roles with the City of New York.
Rob is an engineer on our Tools team and was formerly the Engineering Lead for our Health Data Program. He’s an experienced civic technologist who recently worked with the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative to monitor and report on changes to climate and environmental science information on government websites.
Director of Public Digital
Tina oversees efforts to grow USDR’s impact with government and nonprofit partners. Tina most recently served as Director of Innovation & Performance for the City of Seattle and previously worked as a policy advisor for New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.


Product Manager, Unemployment Insurance
Marcie leads product management for our Unemployment Insurance portfolio. She is a veteran product manager specializing in strategy, research, and organizational scale. Her mission is to leverage the value-creation potential of ethical business, human-centered design, and strategic foresight to empower creators of culture and to serve historically misrepresented communities.
Robert advises on technology and scope for new projects. He brings 10 years of experience in the public sector, and was previously a Senior Software Engineer at the City of Philadelphia where he worked on civic data tools and geospatial infrastructure.


Former Health Data Technologist-in-Residence
Diana was the Product Manager for USDR’s Health Data Program. Previously, Diana focused on policy impact evaluation, data products, and personalization at Airbnb.
Former Health Data Technologist-in-Residence
Elham was the design and research lead for USDR’s Health Data program. She brings 9+ years of experience in mixed-methods research and UX design in digital and public health. Elham worked in HIV informatics and substance use disorder with New York State and ICAP at Columbia.
Former Health Data Technologist-in-Residence
Jan was the Data Lead for the Health Data program. He recently obtained his PhD in computational social science from Stanford University, and before that he was a data scientist at Airbnb.
Janette is a former Product Lead and Product Manager at Lyft and Director of Product at LendUp.
Jessica consults on Digital Transformation for the public sector. She was the head of Customer Success at Socrata and prior to that a Policy Analyst at the Center for Global Development. She is the co-host of The Government We Need podcast.
Former CEO and Co-Founder
Raylene, who co-founded USDR in March 2020 with former U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officers Cori Zarek, Jennifer Pahlka, and Ryan Panchadsaram, is the organization’s Chief Executive Officer. Raylene was recently a fellow with the Aspen Institute’s Tech Policy Hub. Previously, she was an engineering and product executive at Stripe and Facebook.


Cori Zarek is the Executive Director at Georgetown University’s Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation and previously served as the U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer. She also co-founded USDR in March 2020. 

Jennifer Pahlka is the founder and former executive director of Code for America. She served as the U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy from 2013–2014, where she founded the United States Digital Service. She also co-founded USDR in March 2020. 

Ryan Panchadsaram joined Kleiner Perkins in 2016 and was the U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer. He also co-founded USDR in March 2020. 

Paid Opportunities with USDR

Looking for a career in civic tech? U.S. Digital Response is hiring professionals to help identify gaps and challenges with our partners, understand the needs of communities and constituents, and find, build or develop tools needed to deliver critical services to the people who need them.

Learn more about working with USDR and our current open positions.

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