Case Studies

Office of the City Clerk, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Enhancing Election Worker Management in Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids City Clerk's office partners with USDR to streamline election worker management, saving time and improving efficiency.
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Auditor's Office - Stevens County, Washington
Stevens County, WA Strengthens Ballot Drop Box Security with USDR's Documentation Tool
Stevens County, WA partnered with USDR to develop a tool that documents ballot drop box security, ensuring integrity and voter confidence.
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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
How one federal agency worked to release open source software responsibly
CMS and USDR created reusable templates and automated tools to help government agencies quickly and responsibly release open-source software, enabling faster collaboration with public
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Commonwealth Office of Digital Experience Pennsylvania
Unleashing Pennsylvania's Digital Potential: Building CODE PA
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania partnered with USDR to help establish best practices for building its brand new digital team, the Commonwealth Office of Digital Experience (CODE PA).
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Orange County, North Carolina Board of Elections
How Orange County, NC Used New Technology to Modernize Election Administration
Orange County partnered with USDR to replace outdated election systems with user-friendly tools, streamlining logistics and improving communications across 40 voting precincts serving 110,000 voters.
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North Carolina Pandemic Recovery Office
How North Carolina Simplified Oversight of $5.4B in ARPA Funds
North Carolina's Pandemic Recovery Office partnered with USDR to develop a KPI data collection tool, enhancing their productivity.
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Mercer County Voter Registration and Election Bureau
Mercer County Streamlines Logistics with USDR's Election Administration Platform
Mercer County, PA, replaced outdated systems with USDR's user-friendly Election Administration Platform, helping to streamline logistics and improve communication.
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State of Wisconsin Public Service Commission
Closing the Digital Divide in Wisconsin
Across the country, affordable internet coverage is difficult to pin down for many residents. State of Wisconsin partnered with USDR to help more residents find affordable internet.
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City of Baltimore, MD Mayor’s Office
Building a Digital Service Team with Intentional Hiring Practices
The City of Baltimore was building a new digital services team. With USDR's help, they recruited and hired a technical team and are ready to scale the team when the time is right.
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Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry
Improving Unemployment Fraud Reporting with User Research
USDR worked with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry to conduct user research and produce wireframes that will inform a redesign of their unemployment fraud reporting tool.
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Neighborhood Preservation, Inc.
Helping Tenants Avoid Evictions Through Improved Communications
How one community organization leveraged automated systems and human centered design to get accurate and timely information to tenants facing eviction.
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State Workforce Agency
Delivering a Multilingual User Experience for Retroactive Pandemic Unemployment Assistance
A state workforce partner needed to reopen applications for multilingual claimants who were previously denied benefits and determine if they are eligible to receive retroactive PUA payments.
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Montgomery County, Maryland Department of Health and Human Services Licensure and Regulatory Services
Relieving Residents’ Frustrations and Streamlining Workflows Through Digitizing Forms
When one county worked to move required paperwork to a digital format, they relieved residents' frustrations as well as reduced administrative burden on their staff.
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Mayor's Office of Children, Youth and Families & Department of Human Services - Homeless Services Division City of St. Louis
How Relieving Administrative Burden for One City Helped House More People Facing Homelessness
Within months, the Homeless Services Division, City of St. Louis was able to increase the number of households served and reduce administrative burden through the use of low-code/no-code tools.
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Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry
Unemployment Insurance claimant user research in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania's Department of Labor and Industry engaged USDR's Unemployment Insurance team to better understand the claimant user experience and improve its designs.
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Memphis Shelby County Emergency Rental Assistance
Keeping Families in Their Homes by Scaling Workflows: Emergency Rental Assistance Program
A USDR team worked with Memphis Shelby County Emergency Rental Assistance to automate painful, manual workflows, enabling them to disburse funds and help residents immediately.
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Using Data to Reduce Incarceration During COVID-19
The Recidiviz team partnered with USDR volunteers to project the possible effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on incarcerated people.
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Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry
Helping Claimants Understand What Happens at “Benefit Year End”
In the first six weeks, 60,000 Pennsylvanians used a new tool to understand whether they needed to renew their benefits.
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Pueblo Department of Public Health & Environment
Improving vaccine information webpage content and design
Working with USDR, Pueblo County released a new mobile-friendly website with improved navigation, content organization, plain language, and visual design.
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New Jersey Department of Labor
Clarifying Benefits Eligibility for New Jersey Residents
U.S. Digital Response partnered with the State of New Jersey to create a custom benefits screener tool that suggests which benefits programs a New Jersey worker are eligible for.
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Office of Harris County Elections
Automating Harris County’s student election clerk program
Harris County, Texas, the third-largest county in the United States, has more than 4.7 million voters. County employees were working hard during the summer of 2020 to prepare for the November election
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California Volunteers - California for All
Streamlining Data to Enable Volunteer Services
The State of California needed to establish a more resilient infrastructure to mobilize volunteers, project future capacity needs, and demonstrate impact.
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Empire Justice Center
Incorporating human-centered design to improve online financial services
With tax season looming, the Empire Justice Center’s team wanted to improve the CASH program’s website to better serve the public.
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City of Seattle
Expanding COVID-19 Testing Capacity
Seattle was the first major U.S. city to come face to face with the COVID-19 crisis. They partnered with USDR to evaluate testing partners and quickly set up testing sites for the public.
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Kansas Department of Labor
Supporting Unemployment Insurance Systems
Kansas’s unemployment insurance application website was overwhelmed with traffic. USDR helped them scale up and cut visitor response times in half.
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City of Concord, CA
Helping the Homebound Get Meals
The City of Concord requested assistance with creating an online tool to organize an emergency food program for older homebound adults experiencing food insecurity.
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City of Emeryville, CA
Going Virtual to Celebrate the Arts
The City of Emeryville partnered with USDR to migrate an in-person arts festival to a digital experience.
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Yolo County District Attorney
Modernizing the Neighborhood Court
Yolo County's District Attorney's office partnered with USDR to automate its communications with participants in a restorative justice program.
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Neighborhood Preservation Inc., Memphis
Automations help Memphis nonprofit mitigate hundreds of evictions
To streamline the hundreds of applications for legal aid that were overwhelming clerks in Memphis, volunteers built an automated intake process.
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Louisiana Department of Health
Matching Hospital Staffing Shortages with Qualified Workers
Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) and USDR launched a program which helps facilities with acute healthcare staffing shortages fill vacancies with qualified, out-of-work candidates.
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