The Support You Need, Now

Our pro bono experts, including a mix of staff members and skilled volunteers, work with your team to understand your challenges, and get you the right tools to deliver critical services to the people who need them — all within a few days to weeks.

Tell us the challenges you’re facing. We’ll get back to you within hours.


Projects are flexible, customizable, pre-built offerings that are rapidly replicable across needs and jurisdictions.

How We Help

Get Tech Help

We identify experts who match the skills you need, as quickly as the same day we receive your request.

Skills include: engineering, design, operations, data science, supply chain management, policy, content strategy, marketing, user experience research and more.

Access Today’s Tech Tools

We help you implement lean and effective solutions that work with your systems, like improved database management, user experience design, content strategy, and tracking dashboards.

We build alongside your teams, so everyone is trained and prepared for handoff.

Learn From What’s Working

We’re working with hundreds of cities, counties, states, and federal agencies around the country, and can appropriately share best practices across our network.

Governments We Work With

We’re a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization here to support all levels of government across the country: federal, state, local, tribal and territorial.


  • Connecting the home-bound with food assistance
  • Supporting vulnerable unhoused populations
  • Building and improving websites
  • Supporting decision makers with dashboards and data visualizations
  • Moving government services online


  • Building and improving websites
  • Adding self-assessment for county websites
  • Creating infrastructure to match volunteers and organizations


  • Supporting decision makers with dashboards and data visualizations
  • Facilitating small business loan applications
  • Supporting Unemployment Insurance (UI) systems
  • Making P-EBT registration easier


We typically respond to requests rapidly, then match you with team members and get to work within days.

Our projects move fast and are often completed within a few weeks, but we'll also continue to work with you and be a resource if more needs come up.

How Does it Work?

Day 1-3

1. Contact us

2. Team conversation

We’ll schedule a call to understand your needs and see where we can help.

3. Match with pro bono experts

We pair you with skilled technologists and professionals, matched to solve your specific need.

4. Group problem solve

Your USDR project team will problem-solve with you, in ways that work for you. That could look like connecting you to expert help, reviewing vendors and procurement guidelines, and helping you implement the right solution for the job.

Days - A few weeks

5. Ship solution

We prioritize open source tools so government partners retain access to the solution and any underlying data throughout.

6. Training & handoff

We’ll train your team on how to use the solutions in the project handoff, and stay in touch for future needs.

If new needs appear at any time, we can expand our support team to provide more help or take on multiple projects at once.

Does USDR Say Yes to Every Request for Assistance?

No. We prioritize requests that are time-sensitive, filling critical community-facing needs, in need of the digital skill sets of our organization, and connected directly to the people who will be sustaining the service delivery for the long term. Where we cannot offer support, we will do our best to suggest other resources to help.

Do Governments Have to Know What to Ask For?

Absolutely not. We can work within defined or ambiguous scopes — we’re here to help problem-solve together.

More questions? See our FAQ page.

Tell us the challenges you’re facing. We’ll get back to you within hours.

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