Digital Tools for Curing Ballots

Local elections offices (LEOs) expect to see an unprecedented level of vote-by-mail ballots in the general election, and many LEOs are looking for an efficient process to manage and cure a potentially large number of rejected ballots.

USDR is helping LEOs automate voter notifications, digitize signature processes (where applicable by policy), and automate as many manual workflows as possible to ensure all eligible ballots are counted on time.

Save time by automating voter notifications

To notify voters faster and save staffer time, we can send automatic, customized notifications to voters given a county-uploaded contact file.

Digitize the cure process

We can work with counties to streamline the voter cure process. Some examples of projects we can help with:

  • Where applicable by state policy and cure process, getting set up with online digital document services (for example, Docusign) that will allow voters to easily access and sign ballot cure forms on mobile or web. The completed documents can be automatically downloaded and tracked for the county office.
  • Providing clear, online guides to walk voters through the ballot cure process. This can allow voters to self-serve, and cut down on the number of staffers needed to individually walk voters through the cure process.
  • Adding a layer of automation to any other manual tasks the office performs. We can help automatically download attachments from received ballot cure emails and send an auto-response, scan ballot cure forms to extract text, optimize tracking spreadsheets, and more.

Get started quickly

We can minimize the number of changes to your existing workflows, prioritize the use of software your team already knows, and lead trainings so that your team feels confident in owning the system long-term. After an initial call to understand your needs, we can demo a solution for you within days. Ready to get started? Read more about this service or sign up below.

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