Elections Support Queue Management

We’re helping state and local elections offices put solutions in place to minimize support burdens, and accelerate the resolution of issues that come in via phone, email, social media, or chat.

A unified contact flow with self-solve solutions built-in

We can conduct a full audit of your website and other inbound contact channels. Often the emails you are getting can be easily resolved by the voter using self-service tools available online.

We can help you develop a unified “contact” page with some common solutions recommended directly on the page. In many cases, a well-designed contact flow can resolve about half of the incoming contacts you are receiving so that you can focus your time on the more complex scenarios that require personalized attention.

Modern ticketing to track incoming requests

For voters who still need to reach out to you, we can set up a system to funnel all of the contacts into a unified ticketing system. This is essentially a shared inbox where your team can pitch in on resolving voter questions.

This makes it easier for multiple people on the team to collaborate on working through the queue: you can leave notes and assign tickets to different team members so that you don’t step on each other’s toes, while ensuring that no voter communications are accidentally left unanswered.

We can also help you set up some streamlined workflows so that you don’t have to type the same responses over and over again.

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We know that time is precious and will move fast. We can put together customized recommendations for you within days. These solutions already exist and are ready to go once we align on the right approach for you. Read more about our services.

We also know that change can be painful, so we will work to ensure that the solution is simple to adopt and does not require a significant learning curve. We can work together to figure out what will work best in your specific, existing environment.

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