Vote-By-Mail Online Applications

An unprecedented number of Americans are applying to vote by mail. Reading and transcribing these often handwritten applications is time consuming and error prone. U.S. Digital Response (USDR) is providing support to local elections offices to help bring absentee and vote-by-mail (VBM) ballot applications online. We work directly with your office to customize these solutions based on your state policy and current operational workflow.

Customized to your office’s needs

USDR pro bono technologists can work with your elections office to customize an online ballot application within days, tailored to local laws and regulations, and optimized to support your existing workflow. Some of the customizations we have created for other local elections offices include:

  • Custom application fields as required by local laws and regulations. For example, the application can include a request to upload a photo ID or digital signature.
  • Custom data validation on the application fields that help the applicant fill in the correct values.
  • Digital tracking that enables your office to track and understand the application volume, processing status, and processing speed over time.
See below for an example of what USDR volunteers can create. This online application was built in a single day, after the team worked with a local elections office to understand their needs.

No technical expertise required

The team at USDR builds each custom application using off the shelf technology that is designed to be maintained by non-technical staff. We will choose the right technology based on what your office is already familiar with, if applicable.

If you think your office will benefit from an online vote-by-mail / absentee ballot application form, read more here or sign up today to get started.

Streamlining application processing

If your office is also looking for ways to further streamline application processing, we have a suite of solutions we’ve built to automate manual application processing steps, from automatically processing e-mailed applications to automating voter ID lookup.

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