Poll Worker Management

U.S. Digital Response (USDR) is providing support to state and local elections offices to streamline the application and management process for poll workers. We can work directly with your office to quickly customize these solutions based on your local needs and current operational flow, at no or minimal cost.

Save time managing poll workers

Deploy a poll worker management tool in your county

USDR poll worker management tools can help you accept digital poll worker applications, send poll workers automated emails for trainings and other announcements, and assign locations and shifts more easily. This can save you valuable time by reducing manual work and making it easier to manage and communicate with your poll workers.

Set up a poll worker management system within weeks

We'll work directly with you to set up a poll worker management system that fits your needs. We've worked with counties to create:

1. Simple, user-friendly online application forms
2. Automated application email follow-ups
3. Easy-to-manage databases of applicants, contact information, and application status

All of our services are free.

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