Automating Harris County’s Student Election Clerk Program

Harris County, Texas


Harris County, Texas, the third-largest county in the U.S. with more than 4.7 million voters, was working hard during the summer of 2020 to prepare for the November election. The team managing the county’s Student Election Clerk Program, which encourages high school students who are 16 years of age or older to serve as election clerks, was overwhelmed with a completely manual system. In normal times, the program’s mix of paper applications, spreadsheets, and emails was inefficient. In the context of COVID-19, with safety concerns and an increased need for student election clerks due to additional early voting days, it was at its breaking point and causing team member burnout.


The Harris County Student Election Clerk Program team needed a new system that could manage thousands of student applications, polling place assignments, and communications far more efficiently. The team wanted to consolidate the current mix of paper and electronic applications into a single format, and have those applications feed into an easy-to-manage database that enabled them to assign shifts and communicate with election clerks at scale.


“There is no proper way to articulate the impact that USDR had on our program. Our new system is easy to use, easy to share, and easy to explain. And it saved me and my team days, if not weeks, of work.”

— Kristina Nichols, Office of Harris County Elections Administrator

The USDR Team

Priya Garg

Project Lead

Haitham Mahmoud

Project Lead

David Yoon

Software Developer

Caleb Meredith

Software Developer

The Work

U.S. Digital Response volunteers used Airtable, an online platform for creating and sharing databases, to create an efficient and scalable solution for the Harris County Elections team. First, the team put together an Airtable form to serve as a new application for high school students to apply to be election clerks. Responses to that form are automatically fed into the Airtable database in a spreadsheet format, giving the Harris County Elections team a clear, consolidated view of the applicants’ information. Next, the USDR team used Airtable Automations to automatically collect parent or guardian approval, which was a particular pain point in the previously manual process. Once the necessary information was collected, the team used Sendgrid, a cloud-based email delivery system, to automatically send communications to applicants. Further automation was enabled by connecting Airtable with SignUpGenius, using an automation tool called Zapier, to allow students to sign up for their shifts themselves, rather than being assigned manually.

The new Airtable system requires no manual data entry, allows all of the data to be saved and managed in one place, and even links to past elections data, enabling students to have an ongoing system profile.


Technology Used

  • Airtable
  • Sendgrid
  • Zapier
  • SignUpGenius

Practices Used

  • Product management
  • Service design
  • Software engineering

The Impact

In a regular year, the Harris County Elections team would manually review an average of 5,000 student applications, each application taking roughly five minutes to process. In total, these applications could take months to review. In less than two weeks, USDR volunteers built a completely new online application and launched a full database management system within two months. These new tools helped the Harris County Elections team process more than 7,000 applications, and staff more than 700 student election clerks across more than 100 polling locations over the early voting and Election Day periods. In part because of the work of the student election clerks, who were focused on polling place technology and providing real-time updates to an online polling place wait time feature, there were virtually no lines in Harris County on Election Day – something previously unheard of.

In March of 2021, the Harris County Elections Administrator team won a 2020 Clearinghouse Award from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, commonly known as a “Clearie” award, for its management of the state’s Student Election Clerk Program. What was once an inefficient and under-recognized program gained national recognition for its impact on students and voters.

“I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with Harris County. The work we did for the November 2020 elections showed me the true potential for technology to positively impact our democratic processes, if applied thoughtfully.”

— Priya Garg, USDR Project Lead

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